Net Control 2

Classroom management software

Net Control 2 Software -- Upgrade Rules

  1. Each purchased or upgraded on a paid basis license includes the free upgrade period of 24 months (for Standard and PRO Editions) or 12 months (for SmallClass Editions) from the moment of purchase. If you have purchased or upgraded a previous version of Net Control 2 software on a paid basis after 12/02/20, you are eligible for the free upgrade.
  2. Within the free upgrade period you can upgrade your version of the software to the latest version of the software free of charge. This offer is valid only when we receive your request for the free upgrade within the free upgrade period. Unfortunately, we will not be able to process your free upgrade request after your free upgrade period is ended, even if you were eligible for some free upgrade earlier and have not used this right within the specified term.
  3. Registered users of previous versions of the software, which purchased or upgraded a previous version of Net Control 2 software (any edition) on a paid basis not earlier than 4 years ago (after 12/03/18 ), are eligible for a special 50% upgrade discount. If you have purchased your license not earlier than 6 years ago ( 12/03/16 - 12/03/18 ), you are eligible for a special 30% upgrade discount.
  4. The upgrade is available only within bounds of the same edition, you cannot change the edition of the upgraded version, unless the upgraded version is not available in the same edition (Standard, Pro or SmallClass) as the initially purchased. Example: you cannot upgrade Net Control 2 SmallClass version 9 to Net Control 2 PRO version 11 directly. But you still can upgrade version and edition upgrades separately.
  5. The upgraded license is available in the same computer limits as the initially purchased license. Example: if you have purchased Net Control 2 Standard Edition for 1 Instructor and 20 Students, you cannot upgrade it with 50% discount to 2 Instructors and 40 Students license directly. But you still can upgrade the version and purchase additional licenses separately.
  6. The edition upgrade (for example Net Control 2 Standard to Net Control 2 PRO) is available for additional cost as a positive difference between the cost of the software of original and upgraded edition, of the same license limits
  7. You can upgrade computer limits of your license, if it was purchased not earlier than 6 years ago, just paying the cost of additional computer licenses in actual prices on the moment of upgrade.

To upgrade the software free of charge, to obtain the upgrade discount or just for additional information, please contact us directly at or contact the reseller where you have purchased the previous version of the software.

rev. 8.0
April 26, 2018