Net Control 2

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This price-list includes recommended retail prices for regular licenses. In addition to the prices specified below, by request we offer:

  • subscription licenses (time-limited licenses for use within 1+ year with ability of further renewal).
  • additional discounts for multiple SmallClass licenses (5+); Standard Edition licenses for more than 20 Instructor or 1000 Student computers;
  • custom District and organizational licenses for 1500+ computers;
  • reseller discounts for companies that are purchasing the software on behalf of third parties.

Net Control 2 SmallClass

SmallClass license allows installation of the software on 1 teacher computer and on up to 20 student computers at a time. The license is permanent for the purchased version of the software. Includes free upgrades within 12 months from the moment of purchase.

Lic. code Product License Price, USD
NC2CLS01 Net Control 2 SmallClass 1 Instructor and 20 Students
Classroom License
$279.00 Buy it now
NC2SC2SE Net Control 2 SmallClass to
Net Control 2 Standard Edition Upgrade
1 Instructor, 20 Students License $279.00 Upgrade for existing owners of SmallClass license

Net Control 2 Classroom

For Net Control 2 Classroom (Standard Edition) we offer two alternative methods of licensing:

  • with per-computer (volume) licensing you need to purchase an individual license for each teacher and student computer where the software will be installed;
  • if you need to license more than 500-700 computers within bounds of one organization or a school district, we recommend to consider bulk and unlimited licenses, which may help you to reduce significantly the cost of per-machine licensing.
Both types of licenses are permanent for the purchased version of the software and include 24 months of free upgrade period to any future versions of the same edition.

Per-computer licenses

Teacher and Student computers are licensed separately. Existing licenses may be extended at any moment by purchasing additional teacher or student licenses.

Lic. code Product License Volume discount Price per license , USD  
NC2ADM Net Control 2 Classroom TEACHER
Computer License
1-5 Licenses $149.00 Buy it now
6-10 Licenses $119.00 Buy it now
11 and more $89.00 Buy it now
NC2USR1 Net Control 2 Classroom STUDENT
Computer License
5-50 Licenses $12.00 Buy it now
51-100 Licenses $10.00 Buy it now
101-500 Licenses $7.00 Buy it now
501 and more $5.00 Buy it now

Unlimited licenses

Lic. code Product License Price, USD
allows unlimited use within bounds of educational organization, e.g. university, college or school; and within one site (e.g. a building or a group of buildings that share a common physical address)
$3290.00 Buy it now
NC2CORP Net Control 2
allows unlimited usage within bounds of commercial organization; and within one site (e.g. a building or a group of buildings that share a common physical address)
$4490.00 Buy it now
NC2DIST Net Control 2
 available by request

Net Control 2 PRO

PRO Edition volume licenses allows installation of server components of the software on one computer; teacher and student components of the software in any combination on the specified in the license number of computers within bounds of organization.

Lic. code Product License License, USD
NCPRO100 Net Control 2 PRO 100 Computers License $1190.00 Buy it now
NCPRO250 Net Control 2 PRO 250 Computers License $1690.00 Buy it now
NCPRO500 Net Control 2 PRO 500 Computers License $2490.00 Buy it now
NCPROSITE Net Control 2 PRO Unlimited Site License $3790.00 Buy it now
NCPRODIST15 Net Control 2 PRO Educational District License (1500 Computers max., Larger licenses are available by request)* $4990.00 Buy it now
custom Net Control 2 PRO custom licenses for larger environments are available by request ask

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Specified prices include electronic software delivery. Delivery on CD is available by request for additional cost.