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A software solution for easy classroom management, learning and teaching in networked classrooms. It is powerful, feature-rich and cost-effective software for Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS platforms, big and small, convenient and wireless networks.
The Latest Version:
February 05, 2016

Net Control 2 Classroom Management Software

Net Control 2 is a family of classroom management software products that were specially designed for use in educational environment.


Functionality. For more than 12 years we are engaged in software development for education, and this experience allows us to provide educational institutions with the most complete and full solution that includes more than 150 various features, tools and functions. The full list of features is available here.


Price. We are serious about the formation of the correct pricing policy, taking into account often limited budgets of educational institutions, and we are pleased to offer the most competitive prices, the better licensing conditions, as well as extra options included in the price (free upgrades, long term maintenance and free technical support).


Compatibility. We are constantly improving our software in part of compatibility with the latest versions of operating systems and third party software. Our software supports all modern 32- and 64-bit Windows editions, including Windows 8.1, as also still widely used Windows XP. Support of earlier Windows versions (up to Windows 95) is also available with previous versions of the software.

Net Control 2 software supports remote desktop and terminal sessions, thin clients nComputing, Citrix, Wyse, Hyper-V virtual machines, etc.

Special client modules are available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Mac OS X.


Easy to use. We understand that use of classroom management systems in k-12 and higher education should be intuitive, simple in learning and everyday use, as also should not divert a teacher from the teaching process itself. These requirements are not less important than the presence of multiple features in the software and we always kept them in mind developing Net Control 2 software. We have tried to create a fairly simple user interface adapted for everyday use in schools.


Easy to deploy. Net Control 2 classroom management solution is often used in networks that contain hundreds or thousands of computers. Installing the software in such environment should be simple and quick. We offer special packages for quick deployment in Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory environment, provide support of script installation with pre- configured options and parameters, remote installation with network administration tools, remote configuration with group policies and built-in utilities. The process of installation with these tools may take a couple of minutes.


Easy to embed. Modern network and hardware environment of educational institutions is often complex and diversified: combinations of wired and wireless networks with different data transmission parameters, consisting of multiple network segments and VLANs; requirement of BYOD and one-to-one models support, compatibility with existing network security hardware - this all requires a special attention to the problem of integration of new software into existing networks. Net Control 2 software is compatible with the majority of modern network configurations, including wireless and multi-VLAN networks, it does not require a domain, Active Directory or presence of Windows Server in the network and may be used in both complex and simple peer-to-peer networks.

30-day trial version of the software you can always download here. Fully-functional, prolonged (45-day) evaluation licenses are available for educational institutions by request. Our technical and sales support is always happy to answer all your questions regarding our software, your questions please leave here.




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