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Remote computer is not connected. Check No. 3. Firewall.
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Please verify that all necessary Net Control 2 modules were successfully registered in Microsoft Firewall:
for Windows XP, click Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall. In Windows Firewall window, click "Exceptions" tab;
for Windows Vista/7, click Start -> Control Panel -> Security -> Windows Firewall.

The list of exceptions should include the following modules:
Name of module as specified in Windows FirewallDefault path to the module
NetControl2 ChatC:\Program Files\Net Control 2\netchat.exe
NetControl2 TeacherC:\Program Files\Net Control 2\netctl.exe
NetControl2 Client
C:\Program Files\Net Control 2\ncserver.exe
NetControl2 RD Server
C:\Program Files\Net Control 2\ncvserver.exe
NetControl2 RD Viewer
C:\Program Files\Net Control 2\ncview.exe

When the modules were not added to the list of exceptions automatically, you should add them to the list manually, as specified above.
If any third-party firewall or Internet Security software is installed, you need to add the specified Net Control 2 modules as allowed programs (for local network connections only)

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