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[NC2 PRO] How to move the connection server configuration to other computer.?

Last Updated 11 months ago

To move Net Control 2 Connection Server with its settings and workspace from computer A to computer B:

1. Install the software on computer B.

2. Copy the following folder with all its sub-folders from computer A to computer B:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Net Control 2\Store
(for 64-bit Windows editions or )
C:\Program Files\Net Control 2\Store
(for 32-bit Windows versions).

3. Restart new connection server computer (computer B) to apply changes.

4. On any teacher computer (teacher console), where the old connection server settings are active change the client module settings:
- select client computers;
- click the main menu command N -> Options -> Remote Computer Options;
- on Groups tab of Net Control 2 Client Configuration window change IP address or DNS name of Connection Server computer to IP address/DNS name of Computer B.
- click OK to apply changes.

5. Modify address of Connection Server in settings of the teacher console:
- click N -> Options -> Control Options;
- on Connections tab specify new address and click Change button.

Instead of steps 4 and 5 it is possible to deploy new configuration with the administrative templates as described in the following chapter:
Setting up the Net Control 2 Client and Teacher settings remotely with Active Directory Administrative Templates.

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