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How to deploy the software with MSI package in Active Directory/Group Policies
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How to deploy the software with MSI package in Active Directory/Group Policies

More detailed information is available in the Net Control 2 Installation and Configuration Guide
To install Net Control 2 Server (User component) using Active Directory/Group Policies:
1. Request us for MSI package.
2. Copy an obtained MSI package to a shared folder on your File Server. This folder should be available for read for all computers in your network.
3. Log on to the Domain Controller with administrative privileges; click Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computers.
4. At a left pane, browse and select the domain, where the package will be deployed. Right click it and select Properties menu command:

5. In Domain properties window, open Group Policy tab; click "New" button, specify some (any) name for the policy (in our example it is MY_SOFTWARE_DEPLOYMENT), click "Edit" button:

6. In the Group Policy window, at left tree please open the following path:
Computer Configuration -> Software Settings -> Software Installation. Make right mouse click within right pane area and select New -> Package from the context menu:

7. Browse for network path to Net Control 2 Server MSI package, choose "Assigned" and click OK:

Please note! It is important to specify here full network path to the file exactly. It should be in the following format:
for example
do not use local paths (e.g. C:\... ) because they are not available on remote user computers.

8. Enable "Always wait for network" policy

If Windows XP or above is installed on client computers, you need to enable additionally "Always wait for network" policy:
In the same Group Policy window, at left pane, please open the following folder:
Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Logon

On the right pane select and double click the policy "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon". Change status of the policy to "Enabled":

9. Net Control 2 will be installed after restart of client computers, during Windows startup. Full functionality of the software will be available after restart of user computer after installation.

Please note, the common mistake: if everything was configured exactly as described above, but nevertheless, the installation fails, please verify once again the path to the setup package. For example, please try to execute the specified URL (e.g. \\Server\SharedFolder\ns9.msi) on any user computer, if the software cannot be launched remotely, the path is incorrect, or shared folder is not available for this computer remotely.

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