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Net Control 2 does not block web-sites
Last Updated 3 years ago

If the software does not block web-sites on user computers, and applied restriction profiles are correct, please verify that Internet browser was configured correctly:

1. For Internet Explorer when the software does not block specified web-sites, possible, you need to allow use of third party extensions in Internet Explorer's settings on each user computer:

In Internet Explorer:
- click Tools -> Internet Options menu command; then click "Advanced" tab. In the list of policies, under "Browsing" category, find and enable (check) "Enable third-party browser extensions" item. Restart the browser.

2. If the problem still persists, please try to re-install Net Control 2 Internet Control Engine. This procedure may be done remotely:

in Net Control 2 Administrator Console:
- select user computers;
- click menu command N -> Options -> Remote Computer Options;
- on Components tab, select "Install as Internet Explorer Plugin" action;
- click OK.
changes will be applied after restart of Internet browser on user computers.

In Firefox:

1. The latest version of the software should be installed on student computers;

2. Mozilla updates its Firefox browser every 3-6 months as a new major version upgrade. Every new version requires that Net Control 2 plugin for Firefox should be updated. Current version of Net Control 2 Firefox plugin supports Firefox versions up to 15.0 (current version is 12.0), this means that you'll need to update Net Control 2 Client software at least every year

3. For the latest version of Net Control 2 software you need to disable "Control websites from service" option:

In the teacher console select client computers; click the main menu command N - Options - Remote Computer Options. On Components tab uncheck "Control websites from service (IE only)" option and click OK.

4. All current browsers assume that any user can disable plugins at any moment.

If Internet restrictions should be applied to other browsers (not Internet Explorer and Firefox), which are not based on Internet Explorer engine: Opera, Google Chrome, Safari etc., you need to enable Protocol Layer Mode for Net Control 2's Internet Control Engine as described in the article: Internet restrictions do not work in Opera, Google Chrome, Safari etc., but please try this mode first on 1-2 computers with a restore point created before applying the settings.
This mode may interfere with other software that uses the same technique (old versions of Panda and ESET NOD32 antiviruses).

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