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Internet restrictions: how to allow access to two web-sites only and prevent access to others?
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Example. We need to enable access to the following web-sites only: , including sub-domains kb. forum. and support. , and
All other web-sites should be blocked.

1. Create a new restriction profile
- click Restrictions button on the top toolbar of the teacher console; on Control tab;
- then click Profiles button in "Access to Internet" section:

- then click "New" button to create a new restriction profile;

- in the appeared "Rules" window, add a new rule (click "Add a rule" button);
- from a list of available rules, please find and select "Enable website" rule and enter a name of the website that should be enabled:

Important! The name should be provided without http:// or https:// prefixes and a document path after the domain part. If you need to block subdomains of a domain, use asterisk before the domain name, e.g.:
but not or

Click Add to add the rule.

- repeat the operation for the second domain, i.e. *

Save the profile; assign some name to the profile.

2. Apply the profile.
- select student computers in the teacher console;
- click Restrictions button on the top toolbar;
- click Other profiles button in "Access to Internet" section;
- find in the list the profile that we have created in the p.1
- click Send and Run to apply the profile to selected student computers.

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