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Send Ctrl+Alt+Del command of Remote Desktop Viewer does not work in Windows Vista/7
Last Updated 3 years ago

In order to allow "virtual" pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination remotely, Windows Vista/2008/7/8 require setting up special policy in Active Directory Group Policies or Local Group Policies.

Due to system restrictions Ctrl Alt Delete key combination cannot be "pressed" remotely when remote computer is in RDP/terminal session mode, as also in Windows Vista and higher when User Accounts Control (UAC) is disabled on computer.

To change Active Directory Group Policies, please open respective command in Start menu.
If your network does not have a domain and Active Directory services installed, you need to modify the policy on each user computer:
- press Win+R key combination;
- in Run dialog type:
- click OK.

In Group Policy Editor:
- at left pane please find Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Logon Options category;
- at right pane, please double-click "Disable or enable software Secure Attention Sequence" policy, and set it as "Enabled";
- set additional option to "Services" or "Services and Ease of Access Applications"
- click OK

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