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How to use the software in networks, which consists of multiple VLANs.
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If the network consists of multiple VLANs (segments, subnetworks), the network hardware may block information sent from the Administrator module in “broadcast” mode (to all recipients in the network); therefore, several features like Search Computers, Broadcast Desktop, and Speech, will not be available outside of the network segment where the sender of information is located. To help Net Control 2 Administrator find and connect User computers outside of the current VLAN, you can use User Connections mode for the Client.

In this mode, the Client will automatically connect one or several Administrator computers and will add its shortcut to the Administrator's workspace. The shortcut will be automatically removed from the workspace once the connection is closed. The Administrator does not need to scan the network for connections, form workspace, etc. as everything will be done automatically.

To enable User connections:

if the software is already installed,
please click N icon in the System Tray of a client computer; then click the Configure menu command.

In the Client Configuration dialog, on the Connection Mode tab verify that either "Incoming and User connections" or "User Connections only" mode is selected; in the "Specify IP address.." field (at right pane), specify one or several IP addresses or DNS names of Instructor computers (one address per line).
Click OK.
The specified teacher computers will be connected in 10-30 seconds and respective connection will be added to the teacher's workspace.
If the software is not installed, you can enable this mode by default. In the process of installation use the "Advanced Installation" mode, on the "Select Components" tab use "Service with MultiVLAN environment support" mode for User components. At the end of installation the software will prompt for IP addresses of teacher computers.

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