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Remote computer is not connected. Check No. 2. Error code (10060, 10061, 1100x, 10038)
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If a connection is present in the workspace of the teacher computer but is displayed as "Not connected" thumbnail please try to discover standard network code of the connection error.
Move a mouse cursor over problem connection, after 1-2 seconds Net Control 2 will display some tooltip. Among other information this tooltip will contain connection status information. If the connection is failed, this information will include standard error code received from Windows network subsystem as a result of the failed operation. Using this code in most cases it is possible to determine a reason of the issue:

Error 10060: Connection timed out.
This error may occur when:
- client computer is turned off or disconnected from a network.

- IP address of a connection is invalid: try to use host name addressing.

- if remote computer was connected using network name (not IP address), try to restart your server (if your network have a domain) or a router; if the issue still persists please consider to use "user-initiated connections"

- if the computer was connected earlier, but cannot be connected again after restart of the client computer, try to use host name addressing.

Error 10061: Connection refused.
This error may occur when:

- Net Control 2 client service was not installed on this computer.

- Net Control 2 client service was blocked by Windows Firewall or third-party software or hardware firewall. For more information about firewall configuration please refer to the following chapter.

- IP addressing used but the network uses DHCP/dynamic IP addresses. Try to use host name addressing.

Error 11001-11004: DNS errors:

- try to switch (enable or disable) "Exclude domain suffix from network name" option:
in Net Control 2 Administrator:
- click menu command N (main menu) -> Options -> Control Options;
- on "Connections" tab, switch "Exclude domain suffix from network name" option;
- click OK
- restart the program.

- verify that discovered DNS name of the connection is correct.

Error 10038 generally means intermediate error, which most often will be transformed to one of the specified above errors in 5-15 seconds.

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