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How to switch between Standard Edition and Professional Edition connection modes.
Last Updated 3 years ago

You can switch between Standard and Professional Edition connection modes only if Net Control 2 Professional Edition product is installed on client and teacher computers.

Professional Edition uses a dedicated Connection Server for connecting student computers. Standard Edition does not require Connection Server, uses direct connections and maintains the workspace on the same computer, where the software is installed.

A. Before switching the teacher computer's connection mode first we recommend to switch this mode on client (student) computers.

If client connections are available on the teacher computer you can switch the mode remotely:
- select client computers;
- click the top menu command Commands -> Professional Edition -> Switch Clients to Student Edition mode or Switch Clients to Professional Edition mode;
- switch teacher computer mode (please see below).

If you don't have remote access to client computers run one of the following utilities on client computers: (if you need to switch to Standard Edition mode)
or (if you need to activate Professional Edition Mode).

These utilities are non-interactive and may be used in Group Policy scripts for automatic deployment. Changes will be applied after restart of client module.

B. To switch teacher computer to Standard or Professional Edition connection mode, click the main menu command N -> Options -> Control Options. On Connections page click button "Switch to Professional/Standard Mode" and restart the program.

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