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We purchased additional licenses and received a new registration key. How to re-register the software with the new key?
Last Updated 4 years ago

For Net Control 2 versions 10 and higher:
for Standard and SmallClass editions on the teacher computer, for Professional Edition on Connectin Server computer please:
- run the following program from Windows Start menu: Start -> All Programs -> Net Control 2 -> Licensing Manager;
- in the appeared Licensing Manager window enter your new registration name and key.

Entering your registration information please ensure that it is specified exactly as provided in the license, the reg. name should include notes like [UPGR], if any present.

For Net Control 2 version 9 and below:
- run the teacher module as administrator: right click Net Control 2 icon on Desktop or in Start menu; use "Run as administrator" command;
- in the appeared teacher console click the main menu command N - Registration - Re-register;
- close the teacher console and open it again;
- register the software with your new key.

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