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The Latest Version:
February 05, 2016
Net Control 2 Classroom management software
Main features:
Classroom Management - Broadcast Teacher's desktop
Show Teacher's screen to multiple student
computers at a time or show desktop of any
student to others; use Virtual Whiteboard and
Annotation tools
Classroom Management Software - Teach
Create quizzes, make polls, send and
collect work from students in a click; create
electronic tutorials with the Desktop Recorder tool;
play multimedia content synchronously on several
student computers at a time
Net Control 2 Classroom Monitoring
Monitor students in a realtime, either selected
students or the entire class, help students remotely
with the Remote Desktop tool, monitor visited web-sites
and active applications.
Net Control 2 Classroom Messaging
Send text messages, images and screenshots,
communicate using chat tools; speak to students;
give rewards and get help requests from students..
Net Control 2 - Remote Control Software
Lock and unlock computers to maintain student
attention; restrict access to undesirable web-sites,
applications, system settings; disable printing and
access to USB devices; apply these restrictions on a
time basis; turn on and off computers remotely;
manage files and applications.

Net Control 2 Classroom is a classroom management software
for teaching and classroom monitoring
specially designed for k-12 and higher education

The user interface is available in: Net Control 2 English Net Control 2 Spanish Net Control 2 Deutsche Net Control 2 Francaise Net Control 2 Italiano Net Control 2 Portuguese Net Control 2 Russian      Net Control 2 Hebrew Net Control 2 Greek Net Control 2 Korean

- Due to the scalable architecture, it is suitable
for both small office networks and large networks,
containing thousands of computers.
- Net Control 2 does not require a domain or
network server. Works in both Ethernet and
wireless networks.
- Includes over 150 teaching, controlling and
monitoring features combined in a user friendly
and intuitive interface.
- Currently, Net Control 2 may be used on all
modern versions of Windows, including 32
and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Server
2012 and Windows 8.
- We are pleased to provide this software for
the lowest price in the industry: from $2.50
per computer for ordinary licenses and up to
$2 500 for the unlimited site license, without
subscriptions and hidden charges!
- All licenses are perpetual and include 24-
month free upgrade and maintenance period;
unlimited updates within the purchased
Hardware requirements:
Windows 8, 7, Server 2008/R2,
Server 2012, Multipoint Server,
Vista, XP, Server 2003;

Pentium IV-1.3 GHz and higher;

conventional or wireless LAN,
10 MBit/sec or higher.

* Korean, Hebrew and Greek translations are available only in special editions from local resellers.




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